This is #HowISeek

This is #HowISeek

Seekers are people who love the outdoors, travel and adventure. The term "seek" is more than just a word: it's a mindset; it's a lifestyle. Learn how you can share how YOU seek with us!

The term "SEEK" has special meaning to us. It's more than just a word: it's a lifestyle; it's a mindset; it's something that inspires us to do the things we love. Seekers are people who love the outdoors, travel and adventure. They are always seeking the next thing.

We want to inspire people to get outside and explore. While we can't all be professionals at any sport/activity, we love being in the outdoors and trying new things. Adventure means something different to each of us, whether that's an afternoon hike, a 2-week vacation to a faraway place or backpacking in the middle of the mountains. 

We want to know how YOU seek adventure. Tag us in your social media photos or post in the comments here to tell us about your favorite outdoor adventures using:


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Learn about how we changed our travel mentality when we took a Colorado Vanlife road trip test in our recent Journal post HERE.

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