Meet Lyndi: Seek Brand Ambassador

Meet Lyndi: Seek Brand Ambassador

Seek Brand Ambassador Lyndi, has been following us on social media since we first launched. Learn more about her and her favorite outdoor activities.
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Lyndi has been following us on social media since we first launched and she has now just joined us a a Seek Brand Ambassador! We've put together this little Q&A to help you get to know her better.

Where are you from?
Salt Lake City, UT

What is your Instagram account name?

My favorite outdoor activity is camping, there really is nothing like being in the middle of nowhere with no one near you and being able to soak up as much silence as possible. Along with kayaking, I can’t seem to go camping without it anymore and am hoping to try packing in on it sometime this summer!

My favorite place I’ve ever been is The High Unitas in Utah, it’s truly a hidden gem and remarkably looked over quite a bit. But ever since I was little anytime we would be out there I truly have never felt happier.


My dream adventure would be being able to explore all of Hawaii, each and every island. The beauty there is like nothing I have ever seen in person and I’m hoping to make it there soon.

Lyndi Seek Brand Ambassador

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