Meet Gabaccia: Seek Brand Ambassador

Meet Gabaccia: Seek Brand Ambassador

Meet Gabaccia: Seek Brand Ambassador and how she cares about the outdoors and protecting nature.
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Learn more about our Seek Brand Ambassador, Gabaccia and her love for the outdoors!

Where are you from?
Encinitas, CA

What is your Instagram name? 

Backpacking. There's just something about getting away from a crowded trail and into a place of solitude.  While I love being around people and empowering them to take care of nature, I also love spending time with just me and nature.

It's a place that I am unable to share publicly, but I will tell you some things about it. It's the sacred piece of a desert where sound doesn't travel very far, where your mind would be forced to slow down and just be. You go there to discover or to heal, but you will never hear much about this place unless it's in your life's path to pass through.

I don't know if anything has impacted me negatively in the long term scope of things (I am very lucky and privileged to say that). As I write this I have just begun my term of service with Americorps as a Trails Crew Member, my body is tired but my mind is very awake and excited to continue to learn. I'm sure this summer in Montana will be one of those experiences I talk about for the rest of my life.

Gabbacia Seek Brand Ambassador

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