Meet Celeste: Seek Brand Ambassador

Meet Celeste: Seek Brand Ambassador

Meet Celeste, one of our new Seek Brand Ambassadors! We want you to get to know her a bit better, so we have put together this Q&A. Learn what makes her tick and how she came to be such an avid outdoors-woman.
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Meet Celeste, one of our new Seek Brand Ambassadors! 

We want you to get to know her a bit better, so we have put together this Q&A. 

Where do you currently live?
Milwaukee, WI

What is your Instagram name? 

I love to rock climb, run, snowboard, and hike (without a heavy backpack haha) 
All these give me the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, nature, and gives me a sense of accomplishment while being outside. My main motivator was the fact that during my childhood I could not enjoy any extraneous activity besides walking from my presurgery heart condition. To be alive, enjoy nature, and pushing myself to be stronger both physically and mentally is of the utmost importance! Doing these activities enabled me to enjoy our definite and limited life!

I work as an electrical engineer for an industrial automation company, rock out to live music, and gardening in the summer.


Does karaoke singing count as a hidden talent? I sporadically make pottery and origami on spurts of time.

If I had to pinpoint a particular experience, it would be when I finally had my heart surgery at 13 years old which enabled me to do any sort of physical activity. Knowing that I would love only up to age of thirty back then was limiting me. Fast forward to when I finally found and invested in rock climbing almost 7 years ago and yoga about 3 years ago have impacted me in the best of ways. Not only did it strengthen me physically but also mentally in that I have more grit and confidence. It has helped me view challenges in life with more courage and endurance to keep going. After all, we only have a limited time in the world we live in so we might as well keep going and focus on thriving and making the best of life. Yoga has given me the supplement to improve my rock climbing, but also the mindfulness aspect in contrast to the go getter attitude Over developed from rock Climbing. It’s the perfect combination

What do you think about climate change and the environment?
About the years ago I started to notice my habits and how it’s impacted the environment. Climate change from global warming is highly impacted by the way humans live, and I want to live my life more consciously to reduce my carbon footprint. I want more people to be join me in this journey.

     Celeste Seek Brand Ambassador

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