Meet Anna: Seek Brand Ambassador

Meet Anna: Seek Brand Ambassador

Anna is one of our new Seek Brand Ambassadors. Learn about her love for art and adventure in this special Q&A.
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Meet Anna.

She's one of our new Seek Brand Ambassadors. We'd like to share a bit more about her, like her love for art and adventure in the outdoors.    

Where do you currently live?
Salt Lake City, UT

What is your Instagram handle?

I love snowboarding and climbing. To me, both are an art form and despite being on the same route or the same run, everyone's experience looks different. They are a couple of the few activities that I am able to completely lose myself in and get out of my head.

I love to paint (@ab.abstract), to do yoga, go to concerts and skateboard. I am always excited for new experiences as well, and I try to do those often.

I am ambidextrous or left-handed in most sports! Writing is about the only thing I do with my right hand.

Bali! I have never been. Or anywhere in Asia or South America. There are so many things I want to see, learn and experience. I find eastern culture really fascinating and would love to immerse myself in it one day.

So many! I feel very grateful for my life. A couple days after I graduated college I got in a serious car crash. It really humbled me, and to this day I am shocked at how I lucky I got with my injuries. It should have been much worse. I am grateful to be able to move my body, to do the activities that make me happy and ultimately just to be alive and here. I think I've become a lot more present because of that experience. Though it is easier said than done, I do try to pull positives (or at least lessons) out of negative experiences. It helps me keep moving forward!


Anna Seek Brand Ambassador

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