New Collection & Partnership: Continental Divide Trail

New Collection & Partnership: Continental Divide Trail

 Seek Dry Goods and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition are thrilled to announce an official partnership. Beginning today, Seek Dry Goods will design and produce a clothing and accessories collection that highlight the Continental Divide Trail while donating a portion of all proceeds directly back to support the Trail. 
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Seek Dry Goods and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition are thrilled to announce an official partnership. Beginning today, Seek Dry Goods will design, produce and sell a collection of clothing and accessories highlighting the Continental Divide Trail, from which a portion of all proceeds will be donated directly back to support the CDTC.  

The initial launch includes two t-shirt designs and stickers that showcase the trail and its significance. The ongoing collection is reasonably priced at $24.50 per t-shirt and $4 per sticker. Additionally, the t-shirts are responsibly made and printed in the USA with organic cotton and recycled polyester. “At Seek Dry Goods, we have very strong opinions about the materials that go into our t-shirts. As an outdoor focused brand, we strive to use materials that are less harmful to the environment,” says Larry McMahon, co-founder.

The Continental Divide Trail provides joy, sweat and sometimes tears to many people around the world. At 3,100-miles, it spans from Canada to Mexico and runs through five States. “The CDT holds a special place in my heart,” says Seek Dry Goods co-founder and owner, Amanda McMahon. “My first ever remote backpacking trips were along sections of the CDT in Colorado. I remember some tough climbs at high altitude, but the immense views at the top were always worth the extra push!”

The Continental Divide Trail collection is now available for sale HERE with free shipping on all US orders. The CDTC will have t-shirts for sale at their annual Trail Days event April 26-28 in Silver City, New Mexico. The collection will also become available in stores along the trail in the upcoming weeks. Retailers interested in adding the collection to their stores can contact co-founder, Amanda, via the email address below.

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About the Continental Divide Trail 

The CDT is one of the world’s premiere long-distance trails, stretching 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide. Designated by Congress in 1978, the CDT is the highest, most challenging and most remote of the 11 National Scenic Trails. It provides recreational opportunities ranging from hiking to horseback riding to hunting for thousands of visitors each year. While 95% of the CDT is located on public land, approximately 150 miles are still in need of protection. 


About the Continental Divide Trail Coalition 

The CDTC was founded in 2012 by volunteers and recreationists hoping to provide a unified voice for the Trail. Working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Forest Service and other federal land management agencies, the CDTC is a non-profit partner supporting stewardship of the CDT. The mission of the CDTC is to complete, promote and protect the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, a world-class national resource. For more information, please visit   


About Seek Dry Goods

Seek Dry Goods is a Wisconsin-based outdoor lifestyle brand, committed to developing responsibly sourced clothing and accessories.  Partnering with artists from around the world, who share a passion for the outdoors, Seek Dry Goods creates authentic and inspiring outdoor adventure designs. The name Seek was derived from the company’s core customer, known as “Seekers.”  A Seeker is someone who is passionate about the outdoors and always seeking the next adventure.  


 Contact: Amanda McMahon, Co-founder & Owner Seek Dry Goods

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