Sixty Meters to Anywhere - Brendan Leonard - @semi_rad

Must Read: Sixty Meters to Anywhere

Sixty Meters to Anywhere is a raw and uncut account of self discovery and perseverance in both life and the mountains...
I was first introduced to Brendan's work at last years Five Points Film Festival in Asheville, NC.  Super impressed by his work in film, I couldn't resist the impulse  while sitting in my chair during one of the intermissions to order this book.  Sixty Meters to Anywhere is a story of hardship, perseverance and self discovery.  Confronted with alcohol addiction at a relatively early age, Brendan discovered a passion for the mountains which he used to help him battle his addiction.  Perhaps most courageous of all is Brendan's willingness to share the raw, uncut account of his quest for purpose and meaning.  Thanks for sharing Brendan!  You can follow Brendan on Instagram @semi_rad

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